We should talk about money

It’s a difficult conversation, but, when it comes to college, it’s unavoidable.

College is expensive. So let’s talk about that. Sooner rather than later.

Here’s Associate Director of Financial Aid Tom Benza to explain the 5 “W”s of financial aid.

We hope this is helpful!

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Checking in on You in California

We are thinking of you, as your life may have been disrupted by wildfires.

Wake Forest University is committed to community. As yours is enduring this challenge, we want to help however we can.

If you need to receive mailings at a different address, have us adjust a deadline, or simply speak with us one on one, we will unquestionably make that happen.

If you had a previously scheduled interview that you had to cancel because of the wildfires, please reach out to me, and I will work to reschedule it.

Please contact me directly at (336) 758-5694 or

With hope for your peace of mind and calm of transition during these difficult times, we send you our best wishes.

Adrian Greene
Associate Dean of Admissions
Wake Forest University

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The Touring Test!

It’s that time of year — for first visits, second looks, and even last-minute reevaluations of college campuses. Thank goodness Wake Forest University’s Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Dawn Calhoun, is here to clarify the roles of campus visits and tours in the college decision-making process!

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“Penning Down” the Perfect College Essay

Determining how to write the “perfect” essay is daunting when applying to college. Thank goodness then Wake Forest Associate Dean Dawn Calhoun is here to help us to pin/pen down what exactly makes for rich, compelling writing for college admissions officers.

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Wake Forest is Calling!

Wake Forest Rangers are bringing the Forest to a forest near you, North Carolinians – picking up the Quad and planting it in your local park!

Join us for fun, facts, and a few surprises – a factstravaganza! – designed to help us get to know each other better.

Register for our Park Visits today.

We hope to see you in the forest – and ultimately, the Forest – soon!

Park Visits:

Forever your Wake Forest Rangers,

Dawn Calhoun, Associate Dean of North Carolina Admissions
Paul Gauthier, Associate Dean of Merit-Based Scholarships

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