Mapping Your Future

At Wake Forest, you’ll find maps around our beautiful campus; you can be sure that we are here to guide you.

But while maps are helpful, they can also impose rigid grids on the flows of experience. With our 2020 Wake Forest Admissions Application – on-line as of June 1! – we seek to avoid such restrictions.

The acknowledgement of standardized limitations is why we don’t require test scores for admissions, why we expanded our written application, and why we added a personal-interview component to our admissions process. We want to know who you are, what you value, how you think – not just how you perform on a test, how many sports you play, how many clubs you belong to, or how many AP classes you’ve taken. We value intellectual prowess and academic achievement but also kindness and creativity. We seek students who are aware, concerned, and active.

We appreciate the discipline and reasoning behind tests and numerical results, but we also firmly believe that, while these “maps” look for truth, they can take the beauty out of it. Scores are inadequate when it comes to revealing the truth and beauty of the whole person. People, like places, are so much more marvelous.

Our application questions are thus a chance for examination of the self, a time to ponder who you’ve become and how you want the world to understand you. For all these reasons, your responses should be your own, not edited by others – uniquely you.

We want to know you as fully as we can, beyond the representation given by only numbers. So come visit, interview, and apply so that we may get to know you and you may get to know us.

We want you to map out your future and stay open to new discoveries.


Martha Allman
Dean of Admissions
Wake Forest University

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