We Are Looking For You

The 2019 Wake Forest Admissions Application became available on-line June 1st. Prospective students began pondering our short answer questions and we as an admissions staff began anticipating their responses to the questions we had spent long hours crafting and discussing.

“Your questions made me think.” “I felt like you really wanted to understand me.” “Wake Forest must be an interesting place if you ask questions like these.” We welcome those reactions but also realize that some students are puzzled and respond to us with, “What is it you are looking for?”

So students, in a nutshell, we are looking for you. We want to know who you are, what you value, how you think. Not just how you perform on a test, how many sports you play, how many clubs you belong to, or how many AP classes you have taken. When Wake Forest became test-optional in 2008, we added a personal interview component to our admissions process and also expanded our written application in order to learn more about our applicants beyond grades and test scores. Wake Forest is a face-to-face residential community and so we select our students individually, carefully, thoughtfully considering what each one will bring to “The Forest.” We value intellectual prowess and academic achievement but also kindness and creativity. We seek students who are aware, concerned and active.

Our questions are broad, “Give us your top ten list” “What piques your curiosity?” allowing you space to reflect. Our questions are big. We ask you about character, cultural norms, political reality and what you read that is meaningful. We believe answering these questions should be a valuable and even fun exercise for you. It should be a self-examination, a time to ponder who you have become and how you want the world (and the Wake Forest Admissions Office!) to understand you. Perhaps the process will even spur you to think about the future you, the person you hope to be after your college education is complete. And so for those very reasons, your responses should be absolutely your own, not edited by a parent, a teacher, a counselor or a friend. Just you.

These admissions application questions are the opportunity for you to be you. Uniquely you. Your very best you. And we eagerly and genuinely look forward to finding you!

Martha Blevins Allman
Dean of Admissions

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