Merit-Based Scholarship Application Information

At Wake Forest, we want to consider as many students as possible for our selective scholarships. This is why our admissions application doubles as a merit-based application for most of our academic awards (including our full-cost of attendance Carswell, Gordon, Reynolds, and Stamps Leadership scholarships).

Students wishing to be considered for most merit-based awards at Wake Forest need only submit an application for undergraduate admission by December 1. Turning in the application a month before our regular admission deadline simply ensures that we have time to review your application for both admission and scholarship.

Although the final page of our 2016 Undergraduate Viewbook implies that students also need to complete an interview by December 1 for merit-based consideration, we want you to know that information is not completely accurate. Students that complete their application by December 1 and interview after that date (our final day for interviews is December 22 this year) will still be considered for all merit-based scholarships. In fact, we will even give merit-based consideration to students who do not interview with us, though these students remain at a disadvantage because we know less about them.

Some of our scholarships are merit within need in nature which means that recipients will have to demonstrate that they are not only deserving of the award, but also that they need the financial help. If you believe your family will qualify for need-based aid, it is important that you also meet our Financial Aid deadlines so that we may consider you for awards like the Heritage Scholarship.

Finalists for our full cost scholarships will receive an invitation to one of our scholarship weekends in February or March. Our smaller merit-based scholarships do not require a winter interview – we mail notices for these awards to recipients around the same time as the Financial Aid office mails their award packages to need-based aid applicants (approximately April 1) .

Please visit our Merit-based scholarships website for more information on scholarship opportunities and instructions.

Paul Gauthier ‘93
Associate Dean, Merit-based Scholarships

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