Transfer Application and Wait List Activity Update

Here is a quick update on where things stand with our two applicant pools.

First, transfers. We are still accepting Fall 2015 transfer applications. Should you wish to apply, we strongly encourage you to submit all of your required materials as soon as possible. Visit our transfer application information page for instructions on how to apply.

Next, wait list activity. I received an email on behalf of a student from a high school counselor this morning who phrased her question perfectly: “Will there be another release?” As in, will we be calling a group of students off of our active wait list again. Right now, we are in a bit of a holding pattern. As of this morning, we have enrolled our target number of 1290 first year students. However, we may well have students cancel their enrollment over the next few weeks which would in turn prompt us to call additional applicants.

Students who indicated on their active wait list cards that they were willing to hear from us as late as May 15 have been released from our wait list and those who indicated June 1 will receive notifications indicating their release shortly. That leaves those of you who checked July 1 or August 1. If you are in this group and are still interested in hearing from us, do not hesitate to reach out (visit our Meet the Staff page for contact information).

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