Wonderful Applications, Difficult Decisions

If you are a follower of Twitter and or Instagram, you know that yesterday our decision letters left the Admissions Office to be delivered by US Mail. That news was met with excitement from many, anxious optimism from some and worry for others.  We know the opportunity to attend Wake Forest is very important to so many of you. You took the time to complete a challenging admissions application and many of you visited with us for your admissions interview.  Four years of rigorous high school coursework, of service in your communities, of participation in symphonic orchestras and in musicals and on debate and athletic teams – you shared with us your hard work and commitment with the hope that we would offer you a place in the class of 2019.

We too, spent thousands of hours reading your essays, discussing your short answer questions, reviewing your transcripts and recommendations. Our admissions committee meetings lasted long into the night—all to build a diverse and interesting new class for the Wake Forest community.

This admissions year was like none other for us at Wake Forest.  After a record breaking 18% increase in early decision applications, we enrolled 526 students, 40% of our incoming class of 1290 freshmen.  With the regular decision deadline came a 20% increase in applications and over 2100 more applicants than in last year’s pool.  The selection process thus was the most competitive in our history, with acceptance to Wake Forest offered to only 28% of those who applied.

We are thrilled with the composition of our admitted class. 53% of the class is made up of women. 31% are students of color. 6% are international applicants while 22% come from North Carolina. In order, our top six states represented in the admitted class are North Carolina, Florida, New York, Virginia, California and Georgia. We received applications from students living in 35 countries. 62% of admitted applicants who attend schools that calculate an actual class rank are in the top 5% of their class with 88% within the top 10%.

While we celebrate our admitted class, we understand that this year, more fine students than ever before will not receive the decision from Wake Forest for which they hoped.   Some will be invited to remain on our waiting list, a process that is explained with the decision letter. Others will be denied admission. We are fortunate to receive applications from so many accomplished students yet we do not have room for all of you.  And that quite simply is the most joyless component of the admissions process for applicants and admissions officers alike.

The process of matching student to college is an anxious one fraught with the entire range of human emotions.   To our applicants, we thank you for sharing yourselves with us and we wish you courage and clarity as you make your match!

Martha Allman, Dean of Admissions

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