Application Review Wrapping Up, Still Some Work To Do

While never intended to be a constant news feed of any and everything admissions here at Wake Forest, we always envisioned that we would communicate once every couple of weeks or so on events both in our office and around campus. Sadly, this hasn’t happened – we haven’t posted since the end of January. The reason? Simple – we’ve been reading. And reading. And reading.

The Admissions Committee reviewed more applications this year than we ever have before, almost 2000 more applications, as a matter of fact. Applications are up 20% over last year. Our previous high was in the low 11,000s – we skipped 12,000 altogether and sit a shade over 13,200 applications today. While obviously an exciting development, the end result was a tremendous amount of work for all of us and we still have a bit more to do before we are ready to finalize the Class of 2019.

Looking forward, keep in mind that we do not release any admissions decisions online or over the phone. We are still on track to mail decision letters sometime mid to late next week and will announce here the day that letters go out. We know that many are anxious to hear and we too are excited to send notifications out – soon, we promise!

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