Submitting Test Scores For Consideration

An important question on our application asks whether or not you wish for your test scores to be considered during application review. This question pertains to SAT – Reasoning Test and ACT results only. Applicants need to remember that in order for us to consider these scores you must request that they be sent to us directly from the College Board or ACT. We do not accept self-submitted scores for these two tests. If you checked “consider” and have yet to request that your scores be sent to us, your application will sit at incomplete until they have been received and processed.

If you do not want your SAT – Reasoning Test or ACT results reviewed and checked “consider” because you want us to evaluate your SAT II or AP test results, please contact us and let us know that you wish to change your answer to “Not Submitting Test Scores For Consideration.” Fear not – we will still review the SAT II or AP scores that you may have disclosed to us on your application. We will change your test preference and, if all other materials have been received, mark your application complete and ready for review.

Changes can be made by email ( or telephone (336-758-5201).

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