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December 1 was the final day to request an interview with a member of our Admissions Committee. Because of overwhelming demand for Skype interviews, we added a note on the interview request form back in early November stating that all webcam interview slots were full through the end of our interview season and that requests for webcam interviews could no longer be scheduled. Thus, if you asked for a Skype interview we will not be able to accommodate you.

If you made a request for an interview (Skype or on campus) by the December 1 deadline and have not heard from us, you will … but give us time. Again, Skype requests cannot be met and the response will indicate this. Our interview coordinator will be poring over our calendars to find spots to schedule those of you who wish to travel to campus however many of these requests will not be granted because of limited availability. Emails will go out in the order requests were received through next week. If you made a request after December 1 you will not receive a confirmation email from us. Finally, we do not offer alumni interviews.

Now the rub – if you don’t get an interview, you could still be admitted. We enter into our interview season June 1st knowing full well that we will not interview everyone who will apply. Each year, we are able to honor almost every single interview request that we receive through the first weeks of November but, invariably, interest picks up later in the month and we must turn some folks away. We could hem and haw about how you had over seven months to schedule your interview but we get it – your interest in Wake Forest may be a “new thing.” Unfortunately, with reading season dawning we necessarily must stop interviewing soon and as such cannot accommodate everyone.

Fortunately, we offer other ways for you to show us a different side of yourself. Seven other ways, in fact. When preparing your essay and your answers to the six short response prompts on our application or Common Application supplement, take advantage of the opportunity to give us a glimpse into what drives you intellectually. Tell us what you’ve read, what you’ve done, what you think. About what? About any and everything that is important to you. We are pretty good at “reading” people (literally … combined our Admissions Committee has over 100 years experience reviewing applications!). Seek to be as thoughtful with your responses as you believe you would be to questions in an interview. We look forward to learning more about you during application review.

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