Tracking Your Application Status

As we here at Wake Forest thought might happen, so very many of you have been hitting “submit” and sending us your applications over the course of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thank you! Because December 1 comes on the Monday after Thanksgiving, we will be working overtime to download and process all of your application materials. Unfortunately, doing it overnight in an accurate and organized fashion is simply impossible. It will take a couple of weeks before we are caught up with all of the materials we have received and will continue to receive through tomorrow evening.

As always, we encourage you to track your application status on your Window to Wake Forest page. We only ask that you give us some time before pressing the panic button (better yet, never panic!). Further, worry not about having a complete application on 12/1 – we will be reviewing applications for many, many weeks to come. To all of you that have already hit submit – we are grateful. To those burning the midnight oil … you have 24 hours remaining (give or take, time zone differences notwithstanding). Good luck!

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