We Have Released Our Active Wait List

Letters were mailed yesterday to all students on our active wait list who indicated that they were interested in receiving an offer of admission as late as August 1. Our class remains over-enrolled to the extent that we can now say with certainty that we will not be admitting any students off of the wait list this year.

As I noted earlier in March,┬áthe vast majority of our pool was comprised of applicants who will be fantastic college students and who would do wonderful work here at Wake Forest if given the opportunity. We were fortunate to receive applications from so many accomplished students yet were charged with the task of enrolling 1250 of you. In years past, we have needed to admit students from our wait list to reach that goal. This year has just been a “different year” for us and as such a different year for our wait list. Thank you for your patience with us and best of luck as you prepare for your first days of college, but a few weeks away.

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