2015 Application For Admission Is Available!


Our 2015 Undergraduate Admissions Application is live and ready to be completed! Our penchant for asking a number of short response questions has not changed – this year there are six questions which we hope you will find thought-provoking. In addition, students completing our application will be asked to first watch a short video prior to constructing a response. All told, we have designed these questions in an effort to better understand your intellectual passions, your interests in the world around you and your character and spirit. We look forward to reading all that you choose to share with us.

Go give it a look! As has always been the case, students are welcome to complete our online application or to print out the PDF of the application and submit it via mail. Applicants are also welcome to utilize the Common Application. I assure you, we do not prefer either format over another – use whatever suits your fancy. Good luck!

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