Wait List Inactivity Continues

Things remain stable with our incoming first year class and we have yet to admit a single student off of our active wait list. Today we find ourselves preparing the “wait list release” letters for all students who indicated they were willing to wait to hear from us until June 1. Your letters should arrive sometime next week.

We have begun fielding inquiries about January transfer possibilities. Let me first say that no one here wants anyone to head off to school in August with the intent of spending but one semester there. Please, move onto campus full of optimism and energy, ready to take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to you. Your initial goal should be to make a home for yourself at that school for four years. Generally, we do not admit first year transfer applicants after one semester and I imagine that availability for any transfer applicant for the Spring 2015 term will be extremely tight. If, during your spring semester, you conclude that you would like to apply for the Fall 2015 term, contact us and we will let you know how to proceed.

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