Our Active Wait List

Everyone here in the office has fielded dozens of calls this week from students inquiring about the status of their applications and asking whether or not the Admissions Committee will be admitting students off of our active wait list. The answer, for now at least, is that we will not. Currently, we have a first year class in place and will not be reviewing wait list applications.

Wait listed applicants were asked on their reply cards to select a date by which you needed to hear a positive decision from us. While our enrollment now is such that admitting additional applicants will not be necessary, we cannot say that this will be the case throughout the summer months with 100% certainty. As of today, we will let your deadline date come and go before releasing you from the wait list.

I understand that this is disappointing news for many. We welcome additional updates from applicants but want all to have a realistic understanding of their chances for admission. In the end, the likelihood of being offered a place in our first year class is low. We thank you for your interest in attending Wake Forest and wish you well going forward.

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