The Blog is Quiet, The Office is Busy


Approximately 900 people have walked through our doors each day this week. 900. High school sophomores and juniors are visiting as prospective applicants while admitted students come to us as prospective future Demon Deacons. Let’s just say we’ve been shaking a whole lot of hands!

Thus the silence on the blog. That said, there really is not much to write about. Admitted students are weighing their options and have until May 1 to pay an admission deposit to the school of their choice. Students on our active wait list know that little will happen on that front until the first week of May at the earliest. Finally, the Admissions Committee has begun to review transfer applications and will begin releasing decisions at the end of the month. We have a savvy and patient applicant pool and for that we are thankful.

If you have visited us over the course of this five to six week period, thank you. For the most part, the weather has been great (Dean Gauthier and I even squeezed in some table tennis during our first Campus Day for admitted students last Friday!). We’ve enjoyed hosting you and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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