Applications Submitted By January 10 Will Be Reviewed

Due to technical problems experienced by Common App users on January 1, we will continue to process Fall 2014 applications submitted through January 10.  Please visit for other submission options should these issues remain unresolved. We continue to offer an online version of our Wake Forest University application which you are welcome to use!

If you have already submitted your application, thank you! We look forward to reading it soon. You may follow the status of your application file through your Window to Wake Forest account at  After February 1, should your account not accurately reflect what you or your school submitted on your behalf, please contact our office. We will either assure you that the documents you are inquiring about have successfully arrived or will suggest a secondary method of submitting what is missing.

We know this is an anxious time for students applying to college and that the technical issues you are facing have made this year particularly trying. Our Admissions Committee is comprised of parents of college students as well as recent college grads who remember well the application process. Curmudgeonly ruthless we are not, understanding are we (channel your inner Yoda for that one). I assure you that none of these issues will have any bearing whatsoever on how your application is reviewed.

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