Freshman Research and the Spirit of Pro Humanitate

I am asked often by prospective students how quickly one can become involved in research at Wake Forest. The answer – right away. Paul Pauca, Associate Professor of Computer Science, concentrates much of his own research on “the application of computer science to the benefit of society.” From work on software that can translate American Sign Language into voice to that on drones which can both fly and complete data gathering tasks independently, Professor Pauca and his students are committed to researching solutions to problems for the betterment of us all.

In the video below, Professor Pauca shares information on a pair of projects undertaken by current students participating in our STEM Incubator¬†course offered by the Department of Computer Science. You will hear him quickly reference the first year students participating in one of the projects. To learn more about Professor Pauca’s work and interests, please visit¬†his faculty profile page.

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