Applying to Wake Forest

With our Early Decision application deadline of November 15 approaching, I am going to take a moment to remind prospective applicants of all of the ways one can apply to Wake Forest and of the ways one can submit supporting documentation.

Wake Forest is not a Common Application exclusive school. We still maintain our own Wake Forest Application which can be completed both online AND, believe it or not, by pen (no pencil and neat handwriting, please!). Links to the Common Application, our online application and to a pdf of our paper application can be found on our Apply to Wake Forest University webpage.

Second, there are a number of ways applicants can submit teacher recommendations, secondary school reports, high school transcripts and even application fees. You may submit your documentation through the Common Application’s online submission format if you are utilizing that application. If you apply via our own online application, you may have your documents submitted directly to us online (instructions for doing this are referenced at the end of our online application process). Finally, regardless of how you apply, students are always welcome to have any and all materials mailed to our office. Our mailing address can be found on the “Apply” page linked above. The application fee can also be submitted online or via mail (that’s right – we still accept checks!).

Our commitment to giving students options in the application process has never wavered. Know that no method of applying or of submitting documentation is preferred over another – the choice is yours. November 15th is less than four weeks away and our December 1 scholarships deadline is but two weeks later. Even our regular decision deadline of January 1 will be here before you know it. Choose the application method that suits you best and go forward! We look forward to reviewing your application.

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