The Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine Program

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The Wake Forest University News Center this morning released an exciting announcement regarding a new guaranteed admissions program to Wake Forest Medical School:

Wake Forest has opened a new path to medical school — a rigorous Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine Program that offers guaranteed admission to Wake Forest Medical School for up to five undergraduates majoring in the humanities or fine arts.

The program combines Wake Forest’s top-25 undergraduate college with its highly ranked medical school to help widen the lens through which future doctors examine and treat their patients.

Students apply in their sophomore year. They agree to major in history, philosophy or religion; English, a foreign language or classics; or art, theatre, music or dance. They must also minor in interdisciplinary humanities and complete all the prerequisites for admission to Wake Forest medical school.

The rationale? “We need medical practitioners who know the value of listening,” says Tom Phillips, Director of Wake Forest Scholars and the Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities. “So Wake Forest is intentionally looking for undergraduate students who see medicine as a healing art that combines an intimate understanding of human nature in a social context with exceptional science skills.”

I do not know anyone who would not agree. Want to learn more? Visit The Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine Program website for information.

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