The Wake Forest Mini-Camp College Program

The process of applying to college can be dizzying. It’s a conversation that comes up often when I speak with parents.

But it makes sense: even for one school, students can choose from two or three different applications to submit – and then, for each application, multiple deadlines to be sure to meet.

Then, there’s the financial-aid process, which includes both government-issued and institution-specific forms, and a series of deadlines to meet for that process too.

Balancing all of this while searching for the school that fills and fits a student best – intellectually, emotionally, socially, professionally – can be intimidating!

And so, the Office of Admissions at Wake Forest University will be sponsoring a program this Thursday, June 13, to help students better understand and navigate the college-admissions process.

In collaboration with The Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling (SACAC), Wake Forest will be hosting a day-long Mini-Camp College program, which will give students the space to think intentionally about the college-admissions process:

from the nuts and bolts of the essays and recommendations to larger questions about “college fit” and leveraging identities.

These breakout sessions will be led by seasoned admissions professionals from various institutions along the East Coast, whose careers have been distinguished by programs that champion inclusion and access.

All of this, we believe, will give our visiting students a little more confidence – and maybe a little more direction – as they begin their college-admissions search.

Going to college seems to get all the attention, but the search (and application) can’t be overlooked.

Through this program, we’re excited to offer just a little more support and advice to students, especially to those who need it most.

Stay tuned for similar programs this fall, about which we’ll be sharing soon!


Thomas Ray
Assistant Dean

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Mapping Your Future

At Wake Forest, you’ll find maps around our beautiful campus; you can be sure that we are here to guide you.

But while maps are helpful, they can also impose rigid grids on the flows of experience. With our 2020 Wake Forest Admissions Application – on-line as of June 1! – we seek to avoid such restrictions.

The acknowledgement of standardized limitations is why we don’t require test scores for admissions, why we expanded our written application, and why we added a personal-interview component to our admissions process. We want to know who you are, what you value, how you think – not just how you perform on a test, how many sports you play, how many clubs you belong to, or how many AP classes you’ve taken. We value intellectual prowess and academic achievement but also kindness and creativity. We seek students who are aware, concerned, and active.

We appreciate the discipline and reasoning behind tests and numerical results, but we also firmly believe that, while these “maps” look for truth, they can take the beauty out of it. Scores are inadequate when it comes to revealing the truth and beauty of the whole person. People, like places, are so much more marvelous.

Our application questions are thus a chance for examination of the self, a time to ponder who you’ve become and how you want the world to understand you. For all these reasons, your responses should be your own, not edited by others – uniquely you.

We want to know you as fully as we can, beyond the representation given by only numbers. So come visit, interview, and apply so that we may get to know you and you may get to know us.

We want you to map out your future and stay open to new discoveries.


Martha Allman
Dean of Admissions
Wake Forest University

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Wait List Update Fall 2019 Applicants

At this time, we are not reviewing applications and have no immediate plans to admit additional students off of our active wait list. We have heard from many applicants sincerely interested in attending Wake Forest. Continue to keep your regional dean informed of your interest and recent accomplishments. This information will be useful should we find ourselves needing to enroll additional applicants at a later time.

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A Message From Dean Allman

Dear Wake Forest applicants,

On Tuesday, March 12, Wake Forest’s volleyball coach was indicted as part of a national investigation into an alleged bribery and cheating scheme. The Justice Department’s review has found that Wake Forest and the other schools involved were targeted by a con man and his clients in the largest admissions scandal they have ever prosecuted. In no way has it been suggested that Wake Forest or our admissions staff were involved in these deceitful practices.

Wake Forest has cooperated fully with the investigation and will continue to cooperate with the appropriate authorities.

If you wish to follow the most recent updates on the national admissions matter, please refer to Wake Forest’s online newsroom.

As we evaluate our applicants for the class entering in Fall 2019, a holistic and careful process allows us to consider each candidate individually. We seek students who have excelled academically, exhibited intellectual curiosity and creativity, and who have demonstrated character and concern for those around them. We thoughtfully review the skills, talents and experiences that each student would bring to the Wake Forest community.

Later this week, our admissions decision letters will be placed in the mail. We are grateful for your continued interest in Wake Forest University.


Martha Blevins Allman
Dean of Admissions
Wake Forest University

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We Are Looking For You

The 2019 Wake Forest Admissions Application became available on-line June 1st. Prospective students began pondering our short answer questions and we as an admissions staff began anticipating their responses to the questions we had spent long hours crafting and discussing.

“Your questions made me think.” “I felt like you really wanted to understand me.” “Wake Forest must be an interesting place if you ask questions like these.” We welcome those reactions but also realize that some students are puzzled and respond to us with, “What is it you are looking for?”

So students, in a nutshell, we are looking for you. We want to know who you are, what you value, how you think. Not just how you perform on a test, how many sports you play, how many clubs you belong to, or how many AP classes you have taken. When Wake Forest became test-optional in 2008, we added a personal interview component to our admissions process and also expanded our written application in order to learn more about our applicants beyond grades and test scores. Wake Forest is a face-to-face residential community and so we select our students individually, carefully, thoughtfully considering what each one will bring to “The Forest.” We value intellectual prowess and academic achievement but also kindness and creativity. We seek students who are aware, concerned and active.

Our questions are broad, “Give us your top ten list” “What piques your curiosity?” allowing you space to reflect. Our questions are big. We ask you about character, cultural norms, political reality and what you read that is meaningful. We believe answering these questions should be a valuable and even fun exercise for you. It should be a self-examination, a time to ponder who you have become and how you want the world (and the Wake Forest Admissions Office!) to understand you. Perhaps the process will even spur you to think about the future you, the person you hope to be after your college education is complete. And so for those very reasons, your responses should be absolutely your own, not edited by a parent, a teacher, a counselor or a friend. Just you.

These admissions application questions are the opportunity for you to be you. Uniquely you. Your very best you. And we eagerly and genuinely look forward to finding you!

Martha Blevins Allman
Dean of Admissions

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