We want you to be considered!

Being considered and recognized are fundamental and positive parts of lived experience.

We hope you’ve been able to find that appreciative voice within yourself, but we’d also like the chance to consider and recognize you and your hard work.

To give us that opportunity, if you are a high-school senior, please apply to Wake Forest by 11:59 p.m. Monday, November 15.

We will fully consider all admissions applications received by then for merit-based scholarships.

You may apply Early Decision – for those who have fallen in love with Wake Forest as their first-choice school and want to commit – and you’ll hear back from us on a rolling basis.

OR you may apply Regular Decision. As with all of our application types, please feel free to apply via our Wake Forest University application or the Common or Coalition application (just add our name to your list of schools). With Regular Decision, you’ll hear back from us by April 1!

But again, no matter the application type, please apply by November 15 to be considered for merit-based scholarships.

We hope you’ll consider this opportunity for us to appreciate your achievements.

To learn even more about Wake Forest, if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll look into our on-campus information sessions and student-led campus tours.

And if you can’t make it to campus, no problem at all: we offer a variety of live virtual information sessions.

Finally, please peruse our application, available now.

Warmest regards,

Eric Maguire, Vice-President for Enrollment, Wake Forest University

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Heroes are those who are secure enough to be gracious, who recognize the communities from which they came, and who, after achieving their childhood dreams, embrace adult responsibilities.

Here are examples of heroes from Wake Forest:

  • Founder of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Anthony Atala,
  • Tycely Williams (‘97), who has led fundraising efforts that have raised more than $92 million for the YWCA and the American Red Cross,
  • NBA MVP Chris Paul (‘07), who founded the CP3 Foundation to support his community,
  • James “Woody” Faircloth (‘90), a finalist for the CNN Hero of the Year award for his work to provide temporary housing for victims of California’s wildfires,
  • Killian Noe (‘80), who founded the Recovery Café, in Seattle, Washington, for those battling addictions and living on the streets,
  • Dr. Khalique Zahir (‘87), who leads medical-relief missions overseas, and
  • baseball coach Tom Walter…who gave his outfielder his kidney!

To learn even more about Wake Forest’s heroes, I hope you’ll look into our on-campus information sessions and student-led campus tours.

And if you can’t make it to campus, no problem at all: we offer a variety of live virtual information sessions.

Finally, please peruse our application, available now.

Warmest regards,

Eric Maguire, Vice-President for Enrollment, Wake Forest University

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We Mind Your Business!

Wake Forest University is a 5,200-undergraduate, liberal-arts, test-optional school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio and more than 45 majors and 60 minors.

And our undergraduate business program in the School of Business is ranked Number 13 nationally in 2021 by Poets and Quants, a leading business-school publication.

What makes our undergraduate business program great?

Well, let us tell you.

Number 1: We offer expert career coaching from the time you begin your business journey. Our placement numbers are terrific: 99% of our graduates are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation!

Number 2: Our strong alumni network of active business leaders is always at the ready to guide and mentor our students.

Number 3: Our students enthuse about how wonderful our advisors are. They track your progress and will support you along your journey in your School of Business major.

Number 4: While research is important to our professors, faculty members are focused on teaching: they’re here because they enjoy working with students. At Wake – no matter your major – you’ll have small classes, personalized attention, and access to world-class scholars.

Number 5: The various majors from which you may choose within the School of Business include Accounting – our success on the CPA exam is unrivaled – Business and Enterprise Management (BEM) – which allows students to customize their course plan according to their passions and interests, in marketing, international business, new product development, or management consulting (or build-your-own concentration!) – Finance – where you’ll develop technological skills applicable in real-world settings – and Mathematical Business – which prepares our students for careers that require data-analytics-based approaches to problem-solving.

So, to recap, in Wake Forest’s highly ranked School of Business, you’ll build close relationships with students, teachers, career coaches, and alumni, developing business skills that will make you market-ready.

To learn more about our School of Business – and the 45 other majors Wake Forest offers – please register for our in-person, student-led campus tours and our newly offered on-campus information sessions.

And, if you haven’t already, check out the Wake Forest University application, available now. (A special Dean’s Corner live virtual information session on Thursday, September 2, will feature my discussion of the nuances of the Early Decision and Regular Decision application processes.)

We hope to have an opportunity to work with you soon.

Warmest regards,

Eric Maguire, Vice-President for Enrollment, Wake Forest University

We Find You Engaging.

The Engaged Liberal Arts is the cross-section where classroom concepts meet real-world experience, and it’s the heart of our mission at Wake Forest University.

Through our Engaged Liberal Arts philosophy, we invite students to explore themselves and their world, as global citizens committed to discovering their passions and talents, and leading lives in keeping with our motto of Pro Humanitate – “for humanity.”

The Engaged Liberal Arts invites your professors’ inventiveness to engage students in experiential learning across disciplines and areas of study. Some faculty include short classroom exercises that bring in real-world scenarios; others create entire project-based courses. You might be asked to interpret a film and write a critique through the lens of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Health and Exercise Science; or French. You might combine elementary education with physics for a semester-long collaboration teaching STEM to elementary-school students, or perform a scene from a Spanish play to provide perspective and context for an advanced language course.

Learning at Wake Forest is about embracing the interdisciplinarity and real-world reach of the liberal arts to achieve deeper understanding in order to meet society’s needs.

To learn more about the engaged liberal arts at Wake Forest, please register for our in-person, student-led campus tours and our newly offered on-campus information sessions.

And, if you haven’t already, check out our application, available now.

We hope you’ll consider joining us.

Advice for Video-Submission Option

“There’s a lot going on in the world. What has caught your attention, and why?”

That’s the question we want you to answer if you choose to submit a video to your status portal to supplement your Wake Forest University application.

As you prepare to record and submit your video, here’s some advice to consider:

  • Speak extemporaneously. There’s no need to write, memorize, and deliver a speech. We want to hear how you’d share ideas in class.
  • Don’t hire a photographer. This should be a selfie-style video that showcases your thoughts, not your videography skills. We don’t want to see video footage or picture montages.
  • We want to see you! This should be a two-to-three-minute video of you talking to the camera where you share your thoughts. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way for Wake Forest Admissions to learn more about you.

Here are some basics to consider before recording your video:

Wardrobe: If it’s okay to wear to school, it’s okay to wear in the video.

Background: Check for any obvious distractions.

Lighting: Try to sit with a window or lamp in front of you so that the light shines on your face. This helps with shadows.

Audio: Check your audio levels on your recording device to make sure we can hear you.

Below is a video explaining and modeling some of the points given above. We look forward to watching yours!

Please know that we invite, but by no means require, a video submission in the admissions process. If you choose not to submit a video, that’s okay.

Thank you again for applying to Wake Forest University!

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