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Freshman Research and the Spirit of Pro Humanitate

I am asked often by prospective students how quickly one can become involved in research at Wake Forest. The answer – right away. Paul Pauca, Associate Professor of Computer Science, concentrates much of his own research on “the application of computer science to the benefit of society.” From work on software that can translate American Sign Language into voice to that on drones which can both fly and complete data gathering tasks independently, Professor Pauca and his students are committed to researching solutions to problems for the betterment of us all.

In the video below, Professor Pauca shares information on a pair of projects undertaken by current students participating in our STEM Incubator course offered by the Department of Computer Science. You will hear him quickly reference the first year students participating in one of the projects. To learn more about Professor Pauca’s work and interests, please visit his faculty profile page.

Questions About Application Status

20121022fall4449Understandably, students are anxious about the status of their application after hitting the magic “submit” key this past weekend. We necessarily must ask for patience as we process a high volume of supporting documents. Necessary technological adjustments have created a backlog of documentation and it will take a number of days before we are caught up with the influx of materials we received this weekend.

As always, you are invited to track your own application on your Window to Wake Forest page. Please allow at least 10 working days from the time of submission for supporting documents to appear as received.

We know how hard you worked on your application and appreciate your sincere interest in attending Wake Forest. We look forward to learning more about you.


The Merit-Based and Presidential Scholarship Application Deadline is December 1

A reminder that the application deadline for our academic merit-based and talent-based scholarship programs is this Sunday, December 1. I encourage you to review Dean Gauthier’s outline of our merit-based scholarship application process and Dean Pilon’s description of the Presidential Scholarship program if you are interested. Good luck!

Thanksgiving, Hannukah and another Rhodes Scholar

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hannukah. I found this short Time Magazine piece on the five things the two holidays have in common both thoughtful and clever. Nowhere more than on a college campus can one relate with the fifth point – each is a reason to go home!

We college admissions officers do take time off during this long holiday weekend to be with our families and to stuff ourselves silly – don’t you worry. But we’ll also be carrying applications with us as there are plenty of files to read. That’s right, paper files, close to one pound each – we read the old fashioned way. Our goal is to have almost all of our early decision and spring transfer decisions mailed out to applicants before we leave for the Christmas holiday. Early decision applications are up for us this year, giving us more to do than we have in recent memory (we will release numbers when we have an official tally in a few weeks). Thursday will be for eating, Friday for reading. I am not one for the chaos of Black Friday shopping anyway, so this suits me just fine.

If you are curious about your application status, remember you can track it yourself by visiting our Window to Wake Forest page. We notify applicants of decisions by mail only.

Finally, the holidays came early for us here at Wake Forest when James O’Connell, BA 2013 in Politics and International Affairs, was named a Rhodes Scholar. From his work to help establish the LBTGQ Center at Wake Forest to his senior thesis on Al-Qaeda after 9/11, James has done tremendous work both inside and outside of the classroom since coming to Wake Forest from Tampa, FL in 2009. Congratulations, Jim!

Early Decision Deadline is Tomorrow, November 15

November 15 is upon us and with it comes our early decision application deadline. Over 200 high school seniors have already been admitted into the class of 2018 through our rolling early decision review process. Applicants who apply through tomorrow will be notified prior to the January 1 regular decision deadline of most colleges and universities. For more information, please visit our early decision application webpage.

The Dignity and Respect Campaign

Dignity and Respect CampaignYesterday, an overflow crowd of close to 600 people packed into our Brendle Recital Hall to celebrate the conclusion of the first month of our Dignity and Respect Campaign. While the entire event was inspiring, Reynolds Professor of American Studies, renowned poet and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou’s speech was a particular highlight. I encourage you to listen to Dr. Angelou talk about “the beauty of respect, civility, kindness, generosity, intelligence.” The entire event can be viewed on our Livestream event webpage.

Final Travel Tuesday for 2013

Our Travel Tuesday series for this season comes to a close today. We have but two trips remaining, one but a handful of hours from here, the other . . . a bit further!

This week: Chattanooga, TN and Beijing, China

Next week: Shanghai and Suzhou, China

November 16-18: Guangzhou and Foshan, China

November 19-20: Shenzhen, China

November 20-22: Hong Kong

Travel Tuesday VIII

We are down to our final few stops and are still meeting with great groups of students – thank you all for being so welcoming!

This week: St. Louis, MO; Johnson City and Kingsport, TN; Columbia and Charleston, SC

Next week: Beijing, China and Chattanooga, TN (not a bad place for us to end our Fall 2013 domestic travels at all!)


#WFUtaughtme Recap

Our “11 Days of Teacher Appreciation” concluded on Friday and I hope that over the course of the two week period you enjoyed reading our student commentary on the wonderful teaching that takes place here every day. The site is still up so take a moment and visit. A sample (most comments are made anonymously):

The professors at Wake Forest throughout my time here have been great. Any time, and I truly mean any time, that I have needed help, a professor has been available to help me. I would attribute all of my success to the helpful nature of my professors. Here at Wake, it seems like they truly want you to succeed and I truly love that about Wake Forest

Applying to Wake Forest

With our Early Decision application deadline of November 15 approaching, I am going to take a moment to remind prospective applicants of all of the ways one can apply to Wake Forest and of the ways one can submit supporting documentation.

Wake Forest is not a Common Application exclusive school. We still maintain our own Wake Forest Application which can be completed both online AND, believe it or not, by pen (no pencil and neat handwriting, please!). Links to the Common Application, our online application and to a pdf of our paper application can be found on our Apply to Wake Forest University webpage.

Second, there are a number of ways applicants can submit teacher recommendations, secondary school reports, high school transcripts and even application fees. You may submit your documentation through the Common Application’s online submission format if you are utilizing that application. If you apply via our own online application, you may have your documents submitted directly to us online (instructions for doing this are referenced at the end of our online application process). Finally, regardless of how you apply, students are always welcome to have any and all materials mailed to our office. Our mailing address can be found on the “Apply” page linked above. The application fee can also be submitted online or via mail (that’s right – we still accept checks!).

Our commitment to giving students options in the application process has never wavered. Know that no method of applying or of submitting documentation is preferred over another – the choice is yours. November 15th is less than four weeks away and our December 1 scholarships deadline is but two weeks later. Even our regular decision deadline of January 1 will be here before you know it. Choose the application method that suits you best and go forward! We look forward to reviewing your application.