Happy Holidays and Final Application Instructions

December 22 is the final day the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will be open in 2016. We will officially reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Collectively, we are all looking forward to spending extended time with our families before the application review season begins. While applying to college is necessary and a touch stressful, we hope that you are able to find the time these final days of the year to clear your head and wander about for a bit. Spend time with family and friends. Go outside! Get away from any and all monitors (from handheld to computer to television). We know that your application is important and we respect that this process means so much to you. That said, it is just one of many vital tasks you will complete over the course of your life. You are going to get into college and that school will undoubtedly be a terrific place to learn and grow. So take a deep breath and relax this holiday season. You’ve earned it.


What follows are some things to keep in mind relating to our process as you work to finalize your application:

  • If January 1 comes and goes and you find that your application was officially submitted after midnight, please do not panic. We fully expect that the Common Application, the Coalition application, and our own online application portal will be especially busy all day on Sunday, January 1. Give yourself ample time but do not worry if technical difficulties hamper your ability to submit prior to midnight (remember – you do have all day on 1/1/17 to work on your application!).
  • Review our December 2 blog post on how we will be informing you of your application status this year. We will be communicating status via email only this year (not by portal or online checklist).
    • You will not receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of your application (again, see our December 2 blog post).
    • Please give us until February 1 for news of your application status. We are (still!) an Admissions Committee that reads “on paper.” This means that every application, transcript, report, and essay must be printed (because almost every document is submitted online), filed, and then manually checked before your application is cleared for review. It will take a few weeks for applications, regardless of whether they were submitted online or via mail, to be processed and entered into our system.
    • Application status updates will be emailed to the address you provided on your application.
    • We do not track the receipt of supplementary materials (documents or items that are not required as part of our process). Trust that if you or someone on your behalf submits to us additional information beyond that which is required, it will successfully be added to your application. That said, understand that items beyond your application, school report, transcript, and teacher recommendation will play a small role (if any) in how your application is evaluated.
  • On interviews – interviewing has concluded for the year. There are no additional appointments available. We do not offer interviews with local alums. There are no exceptions to this rule simply because we must now move on to the task of reviewing applications.
  • Because we begin reviewing applications in earnest when we return in January, we are unable to meet individually with applicants who visit campus in the winter months. We’d like to (trust me!) – but we are grounded, locked in our offices reading your responses, evaluating your transcripts, reviewing your recommendations. Full concentration required!
  • Early Decision II applicants – everything above applies to you as well! ED II decisions will be mailed no later than February 15 (unlike with our Early Decision plan, our ED II and Regular Decision admission plans are not rolling).
  • It is not too late to apply for financial aid at Wake Forest under any admission option, though you should apply as soon as possible. For complete application instructions, visit financialaid.wfu.edu.

That is all for now. We wish you great luck going forward and Happy New Year.