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Admissions Office Is Closing For 2015 – Final Notes On Applying

December 22 is the final day the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will be open in 2015. Though most high schools have also closed for the year, I’ve interviewed a handful of folks who will be in class through Wednesday – you’ve almost made it! The Admissions Committee here knows that so many of you are finalizing applications and preparing submissions before the January 1 application deadline. Some things to keep in mind relating to our process are as follows:

  • Review the previous three blog posts – information on everything from how to track the status of your application to how we process your materials and everything in between is covered!
  • On interviews – interviewing concludes on the December 22. There are no additional appointments available. We do not offer interviews with local alums. There are no exceptions to this rule simply because we must now move on to the task of reviewing applications.
  • Because we begin reviewing applications in earnest when we return in January, we are unable to meet individually with applicants who visit campus in the winter months. We’d like to (trust me!) – but we’re grounded, locked in our offices reading your responses, evaluating your transcripts, reviewing your recommendations. Full concentration required!
  • You will not receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of your application, but …
  • You may track your own application status through your Window to Wake Forest account page (instructions for doing so are included in the previous post). It is important to remember that items submitted will not instantly appear on your Window. Please give us until February before contacting us regarding your application status. In the meantime, check your Window periodically – items will populate as received and processed throughout the month (we cover the timing of when applications will be processed here). You will receive an email from our office once your application is complete and ready for review.
  • If January 1 comes and goes and you find that your application was officially submitted after midnight, do not panic. We fully expect that both the Common Application and our own online application portal will be especially busy all day on Friday, January 1. Give yourself ample time but do not worry if technical difficulties hamper your ability to submit prior to midnight.
  • Review the previous three blog posts again! We think they contain information worth knowing!

While applying to college is necessary and a touch stressful, we hope that you are able to find the time these final days of the year to clear your head and wander about for a bit. Go for a nice long walk (and leave your device at home!). Indeed, your application is important and we respect that this process means so much to you. That said, it is just one of many vital tasks you will complete over the course of your life. Keep things in perspective. Have belief that come April you will have terrific options to consider. There are literally hundreds of wonderful colleges and universities out there. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself somewhere you love come August. We wish you great luck going forward and Happy New Year.


Logging Into Your Window To Wake Forest Account

WtWFWant to check the status of your application? Even if doing so for the very first time, logging into your Window to Wake Forest account page is simple. If you know your user name and password, enter each and proceed. If you have never accessed your WtWF account, click “reset password” and enter in the same email address as that which you included on your application. Login instructions with a temporary password will be emailed to that address.

A checklist of application items received and processed can be found on the top left side of the page. Be sure to read our “Message from Admissions” on the top right side for important information and updates. Please also review our previous posts carefully as they include detailed information on how we process applications. Thanks!

“Submitting Standardized Test Scores” – What It Means On Our Application

TestAn important question on our application asks whether or not you wish for your test scores to be considered during application review. This question pertains to SAT – Reasoning Test and ACT results only. If you wish for us to consider these scores, you must request that they be sent to us directly from the College Board or ACT. We do not accept self-reported SAT – Reasoning Test or ACT results. If you checked “consider” and have yet to request that your scores be sent to us, your application will sit at incomplete until they have been received and processed.

You should not check “consider scores” if you want us to evaluate your SAT II or AP test results. Fear not – we will still review the SAT II or AP scores that you may have disclosed to us on your application as these may be self-reported.

January 1 Regular Decision Deadline Approaches!

We are not trying to incite panic – there are still over two weeks to go until January 1! However, midnight on New Year’s Day will be here before you know it. Between studying for exams and finding that special gift for a loved one, we know that many of you are working hard on your application.

What follows is important information for all regular decision applicants to Wake Forest. First, remember that you are allowed to work on your application all day on Friday, January 1. If you experience a technical issue and your application is not officially submitted until 12:15 a.m on Saturday the 2nd, please do not worry. No need to contact us or to apologize – we understand that technical issues can and do happen and your application will not be looked upon negatively in any way.


We think that you might find it valuable to understand how we process applications. Assembling the pieces of your application takes a great deal of time. We are (still!) an Admissions Committee that reads “on paper.” This means that every application, transcript, report, and essay must be printed (because almost every document is submitted online), filed, and then manually checked before your application is cleared for review. It will take a few weeks for applications, regardless of whether they were submitted online or via mail, to be processed and entered into our system. With January 1 falling on a Friday this year, the processing of most applications submitted the final two weeks of the year will not even begin until January 4 (our office is closed December 23 through January 3).

Because of this, we ask that you not contact our office to check that your application has been received. We do not email students a confirmation stating that we have received your application (we will send you an email once your file is complete and ready for review). Instead, we encourage you to track your own application status on your Window to Wake Forest account page. After February 1, if you feel that your Window does not accurately reflect what you or your school submitted on your behalf, please contact our office. We will either assure you that the documents have successfully arrived or will suggest a secondary method of submitting what is missing. We will also send you a reminder email in February with a list of the required components of your application that we have yet to receive. Even if you do not plan on tracking your application status via your Window, please visit the link above to add or edit your primary email address (making sure that the one you add is identical to that you presented on your application). Finally, be sure to check your spam folder in February and March for emails from all of the colleges to which you are applying.

We do not track the receipt of supplementary materials (documents or items that are not required as part of our process). Please do not contact us asking whether these items have arrived. Trust that if you or someone on your behalf submits to us additional information beyond that which is required, it will successfully be added to your application. That said, understand that items beyond your application, school report, transcript, and teacher recommendation will play a small role (if any) in how your application is evaluated.

Applications from students who apply but were unable to schedule an interview will be marked complete and ready for review later in January after all other materials are received and processed. Until then, your checklist will indicate “incomplete” even if all required components have been received. For those who applied by our December 1 scholarships deadline, know that even though your application will not be marked complete until later in January, it will still be considered for all of our merit-based scholarship programs.

We will continue to provide updates throughout the review season here on the blog. Good luck and Happy Holidays from all of us on the Admissions Committee at Wake Forest!

December 1 Application Deadline For Merit-Based Scholarship Consideration

Students have been submitting applications throughout Thanksgiving weekend. How do we know? Holiday or not, folks on our staff have been working to download and begin processing applications. You’ve given us a lot of work to do!

We understand that many of you will be anxious to know that your application materials have been received. Please give us time. We still download and print application materials, carefully checking to see that necessary documents are properly tracked. Our goal is to have materials submitted around the December 1 deadline processed by the middle of the month. Continue to check your Window to Wake Forest portal but understand that items may not be checked as “received” until later this month.

Remember you have all of the 1st to work on your application (and if you hit submit a couple of minutes after midnight local time, we’ll still accept it!). Good luck!


Last week, we announced on our Personal Interviews webpage that all webcam appointments are booked through the remainder of our interview season and that requests for interviews via Skype will no longer be scheduled. Sunday, November 15 is the last day to request an on-campus interview appointment with us and there are but a few openings remaining. On-campus interview requests continue to be scheduled in the order they are received and we receive dozens of requests daily – it is highly likely we will run out of availability very soon.

Students who have recently or who later submit a request for an interview via webcam will not receive a confirmation email from us. Requests for interviews on campus will receive a response (either positive or negative depending on availability) through November 15 or until we announce that there are no remaining openings. We frequently receive requests for interviews by email and telephone – such requests cannot be accommodated. Finally, we do not offer regional alumni interviews.

Now, please repeat after me: “Even though I was unable to schedule an interview, I can still be admitted.” We know that we will not meet with every applicant and will necessarily be offering admission to a great number of students who have not interviewed. Last year, a shade over half of our applicant pool conducted an interview. This year, we were able to schedule almost every single interview request that we received from June 1 through early October, yet continuing to do so always proves difficult as demand increases deeper into fall. We do not judge you on your failure to schedule an interview earlier – we respect that your interest in Wake Forest may be a recent development. Unfortunately, with reading season dawning we necessarily must stop interviewing soon and as such cannot accommodate everyone.

“So what can I do now?” This is a question we hear often. Fortunately, we offer other ways for you to show us a different side of yourself. Seven other ways, in fact. When preparing your essay and your answers to the six short response prompts on our application or Common Application supplement, take advantage of the opportunity to give us a glimpse into what drives you intellectually. Tell us what you’ve read, what you’ve done, what you think. About what? About any and everything that is important to you. Collectively, the Wake Forest Admissions Committee has over 100 years of experience reviewing applications – we’re good at evaluating your stories and seeing all you have to offer. Seek to be as thoughtful with your responses as you believe you would be to questions in an interview. We look forward to learning more about you during application review.

Tracking Your Application Status On Your Window To Wake Forest

With a trio of application deadlines on the horizon (November 15 – Early Decision and Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement; December 1 – Merit-Based Scholarships), I want to remind everyone about our Window to Wake Forest portal and how you can track your own application status.

The Window to Wake Forest is an online portal which allows you to learn more about areas of specific interest. The Window includes a checklist of application materials, allowing you to track the status of your application. You can register for campus admissions events on your Window as well. Finally, the Window is our primary means of informing prospective students of any and everything application related. We update our “Message from Admissions” whenever we have important information to share.

Everyone’s Window basically looks the same as mine but the information on it is unique to you. A week or so after you apply, a checklist of received and missing materials will appear under the “My Wake Forest University Application” section. As you can see, I have yet to apply to Wake Forest (but I have created an account!).




So if you have a Window to Wake Forest account, log in here to keep up with your application status. If you don’t have an account, create one here – it takes but a few minutes and we think you will find the tools useful.

Merit-Based Scholarship Application Information

At Wake Forest, we want to consider as many students as possible for our selective scholarships. This is why our admissions application doubles as a merit-based application for most of our academic awards (including our full-cost of attendance Carswell, Gordon, Reynolds, and Stamps Leadership scholarships).

Students wishing to be considered for most merit-based awards at Wake Forest need only submit an application for undergraduate admission by December 1. Turning in the application a month before our regular admission deadline simply ensures that we have time to review your application for both admission and scholarship.

Although the final page of our 2016 Undergraduate Viewbook implies that students also need to complete an interview by December 1 for merit-based consideration, we want you to know that information is not completely accurate. Students that complete their application by December 1 and interview after that date (our final day for interviews is December 22 this year) will still be considered for all merit-based scholarships. In fact, we will even give merit-based consideration to students who do not interview with us, though these students remain at a disadvantage because we know less about them.

Some of our scholarships are merit within need in nature which means that recipients will have to demonstrate that they are not only deserving of the award, but also that they need the financial help. If you believe your family will qualify for need-based aid, it is important that you also meet our Financial Aid deadlines so that we may consider you for awards like the Heritage Scholarship.

Finalists for our full cost scholarships will receive an invitation to one of our scholarship weekends in February or March. Our smaller merit-based scholarships do not require a winter interview – we mail notices for these awards to recipients around the same time as the Financial Aid office mails their award packages to need-based aid applicants (approximately April 1) .

Please visit our Merit-based scholarships website for more information on scholarship opportunities and instructions.

Paul Gauthier ‘93
Associate Dean, Merit-based Scholarships

Dean Mukombe Discusses The Importance Of The Campus Visit

Finding the right college fit is important, as the institution you choose will fulfill the role of your ‘home away from home’ throughout your undergraduate experience.  There is only so much that you can gauge about a college through online inquiry or printed literature, therefore, the campus visit is of critical importance.

Wake Forest students celebrate Holi, the Hindu spring festival of colors, by throwing packets of colored powder on each other on Manchester Plaza on Saturday, April 11, 2015.


A student can learn a lot through a campus a visit.  Campus visits help students discern whether a university has the needed academic offerings and extracurricular opportunities.  Whether a student is interested in a particular major, wants to explore opportunities to engage in the arts, is curious about research or study abroad experiences, or seeks insight about campus diversity and the sense of community, the campus visit provides firsthand access to the specific questions that you may have.  The campus visit also permits students to assess whether or not the institution is the right fit overall.  As a prospective student, you’ll want to make certain that the institution you choose addresses your academic, co-curricular, and support needs.  Learn what Associate Dean of Diversity, Hattie Mukombe, and peer diversity colleagues had to say in a recent article published in US News and World Report about making the most of your campus visit experience.

Summertime At Wake Forest

We expect that many of you are enjoying these first weeks of summer break and hope that you will include Wake Forest on your list of summer campus visits.  We will welcome over 900 visitors just this week!  Some are here for an information session and tour, rising seniors may be here for an interview and still more will complete the trifecta – information session, campus tour and interview (you can indeed do all three in one day!). The campus is busy with summer school classes and programs so you can still get a sense of life at Wake Forest, even during these quieter summer months. Information on how you can reserve your place in an information session and tour and to schedule an interview can be found on our Visit Wake Forest webpage.

Now, a note of caution. It is hot down here right now – very, very hot. We promise – this is atypical! The average high temperature in Winston-Salem in June is 85 degrees. July – 89 degrees. The high yesterday was 96 – toasty indeed! Thus, be sure to dress for the heat. We also have a water bottle filling station at our office for quick fill ups and easy hydration – bring your canteens!

Have a safe trip and we hope to see you soon!