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Wait List Activity

Collectively, the Admissions Committee is currently reviewing active wait list applications and making offers to students via telephone. We will continue to keep everyone updated until our class is set.

Transfer Applications Update

The Admissions Committee has begun the review of transfer applications for the Fall 2015 term. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with initial decisions released in early May. We are still accepting transfer applications for the fall semester – we do not have an application deadline for transfer applications. 20140416campus7381

Instructions on how to apply can be found on our transfer applicant information webpage. Good luck to all of you as you work through the final weeks of your spring semester and exams.

Information On Our Wait List Process

By now, some of you have received a decision letter from us stating that you have been offered a place on our wait list. We understand that being a student at Wake Forest next fall is a goal for so many of you. What follows is some helpful information for you to know going forward.

First, you need to send in your wait list reply card. Your application will not be evaluated without it should we need to admit additional students. Once received, we will attach it to your application and move it to our active wait list shelf. Active wait list applications are shelved alphabetically and are not ranked.

Second, email your regional admissions dean. If you are not sure who that is, visit our Meet the Staff directory. This is your chance to convey your interest in attending Wake Forest while also describing how the final months of your senior year are progressing. In particular, we are interested in hearing updates on recent academic success. Feel free to email your representative again as May 1 approaches noting your continued interest. [Students attending schools in KY should email Dean Harris; in NJ, MD, and WV Dean Marlowe-Rogers; in IL, VA, or Washington, D.C. Dean Pittard]20130423campus0871

That’s it. There is nothing more you need to do. Should you elect to visit campus to help determine whether you would say yes were you to be offered admission, by all means do so. However, visiting will not increase your chances of being admitted. Further, we do not offer interviews to students on our wait list. Express your interest via email to your regional admissions dean and continue to perform well in the classroom – then rest easy knowing you’ve done all that you can do.

On our end, we will monitor enrollment carefully. In early May, the Admissions Committee will gather to discuss how many (if any) additional students we will need to enroll. If necessary, it is only at this point that we would begin reviewing applications. Last year was unique in that we did not call a single student off of our active wait list. However, there have been years where over 20% of active wait list students have been offered a place in the class.

It is likely that you have been admitted to many wonderful colleges and universities. Please be sure to pay your tuition deposit to one of these schools prior to their deadline (often May 1 but it may be earlier). It is important that you not risk losing your place there in hopes of receiving an offer from us.

Our active wait list will undoubtedly be comprised of students who would greatly enrich the Wake Forest community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wonderful Applications, Difficult Decisions

If you are a follower of Twitter and or Instagram, you know that yesterday our decision letters left the Admissions Office to be delivered by US Mail. That news was met with excitement from many, anxious optimism from some and worry for others.  We know the opportunity to attend Wake Forest is very important to so many of you. You took the time to complete a challenging admissions application and many of you visited with us for your admissions interview.  Four years of rigorous high school coursework, of service in your communities, of participation in symphonic orchestras and in musicals and on debate and athletic teams – you shared with us your hard work and commitment with the hope that we would offer you a place in the class of 2019.

We too, spent thousands of hours reading your essays, discussing your short answer questions, reviewing your transcripts and recommendations. Our admissions committee meetings lasted long into the night—all to build a diverse and interesting new class for the Wake Forest community.

This admissions year was like none other for us at Wake Forest.  After a record breaking 18% increase in early decision applications, we enrolled 526 students, 40% of our incoming class of 1290 freshmen.  With the regular decision deadline came a 20% increase in applications and over 2100 more applicants than in last year’s pool.  The selection process thus was the most competitive in our history, with acceptance to Wake Forest offered to only 28% of those who applied.

We are thrilled with the composition of our admitted class. 53% of the class is made up of women. 31% are students of color. 6% are international applicants while 22% come from North Carolina. In order, our top six states represented in the admitted class are North Carolina, Florida, New York, Virginia, California and Georgia. We received applications from students living in 35 countries. 62% of admitted applicants who attend schools that calculate an actual class rank are in the top 5% of their class with 88% within the top 10%.

While we celebrate our admitted class, we understand that this year, more fine students than ever before will not receive the decision from Wake Forest for which they hoped.   Some will be invited to remain on our waiting list, a process that is explained with the decision letter. Others will be denied admission. We are fortunate to receive applications from so many accomplished students yet we do not have room for all of you.  And that quite simply is the most joyless component of the admissions process for applicants and admissions officers alike.

The process of matching student to college is an anxious one fraught with the entire range of human emotions.   To our applicants, we thank you for sharing yourselves with us and we wish you courage and clarity as you make your match!

Martha Allman, Dean of Admissions

Decision Letters Have Left The Building!

mailtruckAway they go! By mailing this morning applicants should most certainly receive a decision letter by April 1. As a reminder, we only notify via mail. Decisions will not be released by telephone, email or through your Window to Wake Forest account.

A note of caution – last year a number of students snapped a photo of their letter of admission with name and address information clearly visible. For privacy reasons, be sure to cover up your personal information if you choose to share the news (which we hope you will! #WFU19).

Thanks to all of you again – the wait is almost over!


Decisions …

Just reviewing a handful of items before sending them out the door!


Application Review Wrapping Up, Still Some Work To Do

While never intended to be a constant news feed of any and everything admissions here at Wake Forest, we always envisioned that we would communicate once every couple of weeks or so on events both in our office and around campus. Sadly, this hasn’t happened – we haven’t posted since the end of January. The reason? Simple – we’ve been reading. And reading. And reading.

The Admissions Committee reviewed more applications this year than we ever have before, almost 2000 more applications, as a matter of fact. Applications are up 20% over last year. Our previous high was in the low 11,000s – we skipped 12,000 altogether and sit a shade over 13,200 applications today. While obviously an exciting development, the end result was a tremendous amount of work for all of us and we still have a bit more to do before we are ready to finalize the Class of 2019.

Looking forward, keep in mind that we do not release any admissions decisions online or over the phone. We are still on track to mail decision letters sometime mid to late next week and will announce here the day that letters go out. We know that many are anxious to hear and we too are excited to send notifications out – soon, we promise!

Submitting Test Scores For Consideration

An important question on our application asks whether or not you wish for your test scores to be considered during application review. This question pertains to SAT – Reasoning Test and ACT results only. Applicants need to remember that in order for us to consider these scores you must request that they be sent to us directly from the College Board or ACT. We do not accept self-submitted scores for these two tests. If you checked “consider” and have yet to request that your scores be sent to us, your application will sit at incomplete until they have been received and processed.

If you do not want your SAT – Reasoning Test or ACT results reviewed and checked “consider” because you want us to evaluate your SAT II or AP test results, please contact us and let us know that you wish to change your answer to “Not Submitting Test Scores For Consideration.” Fear not – we will still review the SAT II or AP scores that you may have disclosed to us on your application. We will change your test preference and, if all other materials have been received, mark your application complete and ready for review.

Changes can be made by email ( or telephone (336-758-5201).

How We Process Applications

It is the end of the first week of January and we have been busy downloading applications and supplementary materials submitted last week from both the Common Application and our own online Wake Forest application. Our servers are holding up and the copier maintenance folks have stopped by but one time for a small repair! I can promisingly say that we are working through things at a healthy pace.

The vast majority of all materials are sent to us online but we do still receive a good amount via mail. The online materials are, for the most part, automatically pushed into our database, though it doesn’t all happen with one keystroke. Check after check after check is performed before a student’s application is merged with their school report, teacher rec, transcript, etc.. Mailed materials must be manually entered into our system. On the opposite side of our processing floor, documents are printed and then manually filed, one application at a time. It is a lengthy process but one which allows us to set eyes on your application materials numerous times to ensure we have all that is required. Trust me when I say that we have wonderful folks who truly work hard preparing your application for evaluation.

WF Admissions Processing

On your end, you are checking (or should be!) your Window to Wake Forest page to verify that we have received all of your application materials. Good! We want you to do this. Our hope is to have every document, whether submitted electronically or via good old-fashioned mail, entered into our database and added to your physical application file by February 1. As noted in mid-December, we will begin removing “interview” from the checklists of all who did not have one soon which will in turn “complete out” a number of applications.

Should February 1 come and go and your Window not accurately reflect what you or your school submitted on your behalf, please contact our office. We will either assure you that the documents you are inquiring about have successfully arrived or will suggest a secondary method of submitting what is missing. Please do not contact us beforehand, however. Just because the materials are not showing up in your Window does not necessarily mean they have not arrived. Allow us the chance to work through the hundreds of thousands of pages of material we received over the holidays.

Next week, it will be all hands on deck processing applications. Soon, however, the task of reading what is a record number of applications will be at hand. We are still counting and as such I am not prepared to disclose exactly how many more applications we received this year than in any year in our history, but it is a big number. Like all college admission committees, ours will soon be hunkering down and will remain committed to the task of reading applications through the month of March. The time for meeting individually with students (and heck, with our own families!) has come to an end. Reading season is here.

Thanks to all who have applied to be a member of the class of 2019. I promise that your application will be reviewed both carefully and thoughtfully.

Happy New Year!

This is going to be our last post of 2014. We know that high school seniors across the country are finalizing applications and preparing submissions before the January 1 application deadline. I sincerely wish all of you a wonderful 2015 and the best of luck throughout this college admissions process.

Things to keep in mind include:

  • Review the previous three blog posts – everything from interview availability to information on tracking your application status is covered.
  • On interviews – there are no additional appointments available. We do not offer interviews with local alums and are no longer accepting appointments. There are no exceptions to this rule simply because we must now move on to the task of reviewing applications.
  • You will not receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of your application.
  • You may track your own application status through your Window to Wake Forest account page. However, items submitted will not instantly appear on your Window. Please give us until February before contacting us regarding your application status. In the meantime, check your Window periodically – items will populate as received and processed throughout the month.
  • If January 1 comes and goes and you find that your application was officially submitted after midnight, do not panic. We fully expect that both the Common Application and our own online application portal will be especially busy all day on Thursday. Give yourself ample time but do not worry if slow response times hamper your submission.

I wish I could offer some profound advice at this point but I can’t. If I could encourage you to do anything at all it would be to take a nice long walk. Leave your device at home, clear your head and wander for a bit. Yes, your application is important and I respect that preparing it is a stressful endeavor. That said, it is just one of many vital tasks you will complete over the course of your life. Keep things in perspective. Have belief that come April you will have terrific options to consider. There are literally hundreds of wonderful colleges and universities out there. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself somewhere you love come August. Again, good luck and Happy New Year.